The Walking Dead Sinhala Subtitles

The Walking Dead Season 08 කතා මාලාව සදහා දැනට නිකුත් වී ඇති සියලුම සබ් මෙතනින් ලබාගන්න………………

The Walking Dead Season 08

The Walking Dead S08E08 Sinhala subtitle

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  1. Mike: Thanks for the suggestion. The problem I see with that is that even after compression the .mobi files are several megabytes in size, which at $0.99 per megabyte could be a significant cost. I’m reluctant to set up a web service that would end up costing people an unpredictable amount of money.My real hope is that someone at the Guardian notices this and sets up an official Kindle version, of course. 🙂

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